ADHD coaching is often a major game changer

Coaching helps people close the gaps between intention, action, and success. ADHD Coaching, also known as Executive Function (EF) Coaching, can help people discover – and implement – highly individualized strategies, tools and habits that work with their strengths and around personal challenge areas.

Focus for Effectiveness provides strengths-based ADHD / EF Coaching for bright university students, adults, and professionals who are challenged by:

  • distraction
  • prioritization
  • managing overwhelm
  • working memory
  • planning
  • organization
  • procrastination
  • task initiation
  • time management
  • sustaining focus
  • follow through

We provide ADHD / Executive Function coaching and consulting in person (San Diego), by phone, or via Zoom.

Want more information about ADHD coaching? Call 858-484-4749 or contact us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. We’ll be delighted to assist you.

Let us help you succeed in an ADHD world.

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