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2017 ADHD Professionals Conference

/ April 27, 2017/ ADHD Information, Coaching, Presentations

I am honored to be presenting at the 10th Annual ADHD Professionals Conference with my Research Committee colleagues, Dr. Rebecca Toney and Casey Dixon. During our presentation entitled, “The Power of Research to Transform Coaching,” we will be discussing the direct application to ADHD coaching of research regarding strategic self-control, cueing desired actions and

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Happy ADHD Awareness Month!

/ October 1, 2014/ ADHD Awareness, ADHD Information, Resources

October is ADHD Awareness Month, a whole month of ADHD activities and information! According to the website,, the mission of ADHD Awareness Month is “to educate the public about ADHD by disseminating reliable information based on the evidence of science and peer-reviewed research.” For great information about ADHD, including an adult self-test for ADHD, stories about ADHD,

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Cutting Down on Chronic Lateness for Adults with ADHD

/ April 1, 2014/ ADHD Information, Strategies

I was honored to be interviewed by Margarita Tartakovsky, Associate Editor of Psych Central for Margarita’s Psych Central blog at Cutting Down on Chronic Lateness for Adults with ADHD By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S., Associate Editor People with ADHD have a distorted sense of time. Sometimes, the passage of time is excruciatingly slow. “Waiting in line feels

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Is It Menopause, ADHD, or Both?

/ July 22, 2013/ ADHD Information, Resources

Roxanne Fouché was honored to be interviewed by Ellen Dolgen, Menopause Awareness expert, for her blog post, “Is It Menopause, ADHD, or Both?”  Below is the post that can also be seen on Ellen’s website at  The blog post was also published by Huffington Post ( under the title, “What’s to Blame For Your Brain Fog: Menopause

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