A Great Start for the School Year

/ August 17, 2015/ IEPs and 504s, Parenting, School, Strategies

The beginning of the school year is a great time to start fresh, appreciating what went well last year and figuring out ways to circumvent challenge areas.  Below are some tips that might help set your child and family up for success this new school year. Adjust bedtimes and wake up times progressively earlier

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Getting The Right Kind of Help For Your Child – And You!

/ August 11, 2012/ ADHD Information, IEPs and 504s, Parenting, School, Students

Parenting is simultaneously the hardest and most rewarding job a person can have. There are extra challenges when you have a child with ADHD, especially if your child is struggling in school, the main job of childhood. It’s heartbreaking to watch your child have difficulty with learning and homework, and particularly frustrating when you

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Parenting Kids with ADHD

/ July 23, 2012/ Parenting, Resources, School, Strategies

Roxanne Fouche will be ImpactADHD’s featured expert for the week beginning August 7th. Check out the post and this valuable website, which is full of good information and support for parents raising kids with ADHD –  http://impactadhd.com/featured-expert/getting-the-right-kind-of-help-for-your-child-and-you

Accommodations for Students with ADHD

/ November 21, 2011/ IEPs and 504s, School, Students

Students with ADHD may qualify for a Section 504 Accommodation Plan if their symptoms substantially limit one or more major life activities (including learning). The accommodations that are provided are intended to level the playing field to ensure “meaningful equal opportunity” at school. The accommodation plan should include a description of the student’s challenges

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