Scheduling Yourself for Success in College

/ September 15, 2014/ College, Strategies

Here’s sneak peek at a tip that Roxanne Fouché contributed to the upcoming book, Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD: and similar websites are popular because they help college students get a sense of prospective classes and professors.  In addition to choosing professors whose teaching style seems to match your particular learning style, you might also

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Succeeding in College

/ November 28, 2011/ College, Resources, Strategies, Students

Here’s another one of the tips from our book, 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD: A Full Year of Valuable Tips & Strategies from the World’s Best ADHD Coaches & Experts!!! Available from College can be particularly challenging for students with ADHD because academic expectations increase while there is a decrease in external structure.

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College and ADHD

/ November 1, 2011/ College, Strategies, Students

Academically, college can be a challenge for any student – but especially for one with ADHD, learning disabilities or related issues. Academic expectations increase in college at a time when there is a decrease in external structure from parents and school. There is often limited feedback on class progress, as tests occur infrequently, and daily

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