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Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal, educational and professional lives.

ADHD coaching adds an extra layer, where you and your coach work together to develop strategies and tools that address your ADHD and Executive Function challenges to allow you be more efficient and effective.

Coaching is highly individualized, but typically entails:

  • understanding of ADHD characteristics and their impact on your life in terms of focus, time management, planning, organization, prioritization, managing overwhelm, procrastination, working memory, impulse control, initiating tasks and sustaining attention long enough to complete tasks, etc.
  • identifying patterns of what is/is not working in various aspects of your life
  • exploring individualized strategies, tools and habits that work with your strengths to circumvent personal challenge areas
  • developing personal and professional goals and an action plan to realize them
  • designing a balanced life so you have the wherewithal to reach your goals
  • providing nonjudgmental support, structure and accountability

We work with smart, motivated but often overwhelmed people with ADHD who value excellence but can’t seem to achieve it without more effort – or less sleep. We help you figure out ways to work with your strengths so you can focus on what is most important and organize your time, tasks, and life for the success and balance you deserve.

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