Debuting Focus For Effectiveness 02.06.11

Internationally Known ADHD Coaches Combine Forces to Benefit San Diego

** Celebrating International Coaching Week – February 6-12, 2011 **

SAN DIEGO – All over the world, the week of February 6-12, 2011 is being celebrated as International Coaching Week. In San Diego, three internationally known coaches are marking the occasion by débuting Focus For Effectiveness, LLC, a collaboration to help address the needs of the region’s many residents living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning differences (LD).

According to studies done by the CDC and NIMH, 6.2% of California children and 4.1% of adults have been diagnosed with ADHD. That means over 300,000 San Diego County residents are living with a potentially disabling condition that often spans a lifetime and affects all areas of life.


Local behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Sarita Eastman, was interviewed for an article on students with ADHD that aired on KPBS radio on August 10, 2010. KPBS reporter Tom Fudge was both the author and a subject of the article, and a local Winston School student was also interviewed. The article highlighted recent research out of UC Davis that shows ADHD is a major challenge for kids and schools. Julie Schweitzer, senior author of the study, was quoted saying: “Turns out the disorder that’s most likely to lead to people dropping out of high school is ADHD.”

Says Eastman, “After the KPBS report aired, a key study on ADHD and academic success was completed. The study looked at the effects of specialized life coaching on outcomes for college students with ADHD, and the results were very encouraging. I’m happy that the coaches at Focus For Effectiveness will be providing these specialized services to San Diegans.”

KPBS aired the documentary on Adult ADHD, ADD & Loving It?!, in December 2010. “That documentary brought awareness to a lot of viewers,” says Sarah D. Wright, co-founder of Focus For Effectiveness. “Local interest in coaching for ADHD has increased. And that’s a good thing, because coaching deals with the pragmatic life issues of living with ADHD that aren’t addressed by medication or therapy.”


ADHD is a genetically related neurological difference in how the brain uses important neurochemicals such as dopamine. This difference results in a complex mental-health disorder that affects the brain’s executive-function. Chronic, often inconsistent, and sometimes severe issues with attention, focus, organization, short-term memory, impulsivity, patience, persistence, and time management are its primary characteristics.

“Even the very bright can struggle with the symptoms of ADHD,” says Wright. “ADHD and LD are non-discriminatory disabilities. They affect people of all ages, genders, nationalities, and IQs,” she says.

Many people, whether or not they are diagnosed with ADHD, struggle with weak executive function which involves difficulties with planning, prioritizing, procrastinating, organizing, managing time, and following through. These problems, in turn, often lead to stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and underachievement.


A recently completed study by the Edge Foundation on the effect of specialized life coaching on outcomes for college students showed that students with ADHD who participated in coaching sessions demonstrated statistically significant, higher executive functioning than students with ADHD who did not receive coaching. According to principal investigator and project director for this study, Sharon Field, “The magnitude of the effect size for self regulation was more than double the typical educational intervention, and executive functioning was quadrupled.” She also observes that it is very rare to have effect sizes that large.

The 2009 International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study showed the vast majority of those surveyed had improved their self-confidence, relationships, work performance, organization, and time management through coaching.

Research conducted by Anthony Grant, Director of the University of Sydney Coaching Research Program, demonstrates that people who work with a coach get more done and improve their quality of life while at the same time reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. “The quantitative results of the randomized study provide support for the notion that executive coaching can increase goal attainment, enhance resilience, ameliorate depression and stress, and increase workplace well-being,” says Grant.


Internationally known coaches Roxanne Fouché and Sarah D. Wright have co-founded Focus For Effectiveness, LLC to help address the challenges of living with ADHD/LD and weak executive function. They are among the very few trained life coaches specializing in ADHD/LD in the San Diego area. Together they have more than 40 years experience in helping those affected by Attention Disorders and other learning differences.

“I feel honored to be a catalyst for desired change in the lives of my clients while providing them the structure, support and accountability they need to realize their goals,” says Fouché. “Through the coaching process, my clients come to understand their strengths and the diversity of both their learning and thinking styles, helping them to create effective personalized strategies to achieve success,” she says.

Roxanne Fouché specializes in coaching, educational therapy and consulting with””and on behalf of””individuals of all ages with ADHD/LD and related challenges. She has graduate training in special education and holds a professional certificate in educational therapy. She received her life coach training at Fast Track Coach Academy and JST Coaching, LLC.

Sarah D. Wright, MS, ACT, specializes in working with college and graduate students, adults, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. She is a former executive, a founding board member of the ADHD Coaches Organization, and co-author of the popular book, Fidget to Focus. She received her life coach training from the Optimal Functioning Institute and the Edge Foundation.


Contact any of the founders of Focus For Effectiveness, LLC at 858-408-9338.