More Ways to Succeed with ADHD

I just received my copy of More Ways to Succeed with ADHD. I have to admit – it’s pretty exciting to see one’s name in print next to the strategies shared in the book. It’s also really interesting to read the strategies, tips and insights from the other ADHD coaches and experts who have contributed to this third book in the ADHD Awareness Book Project series.

ADHD coaches are well aware that what works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else because we each possess a unique set of strengths, interests and relative challenges. And, of course, we each have very different circumstances in which our ADHD(ish) characteristics show up.

There is a lot of wisdom in the book – wisdom that can cause several reactions:
1) Wonder at the varied approaches of the contributors, truly a testament to the creativity of the ADHD mind
2) Validation of the strategies that you may have already come up
3) Inspiration for even more strategies that you are anxious to try

The book launch is October 2nd, a day when those who purchase the book have access to a number of bonuses from the contributors. Get out your calendars and mark the date.