Too Much of a Good Thing?

/ July 25, 2014/ Positivity and Well-being, Strategies

Right now I am at the Attention Deficit Disorder Association’s annual conference, THE conference for adults with ADHD. And I am exhausted. And it’s only the second day. I wonder how many other conference attendees are feeling the same way. So many people. So many decisions. So much to think about. Don’t get me

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Succeed with ADHD Telesummit

/ July 8, 2014/ Resources, Strategies

Roxanne Fouché is happy to be joining other ADHD coaches and experts who will be speaking at the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit (July 14-18). Roxanne will be speaking on “Strategies for a Flourishing Life with ADHD” on July 14th. The telesummit has an all-star lineup including Rick Green of TotallyADD, Alan Brown of ADD Crusher, Linda Roggli of

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Cutting Down on Chronic Lateness for Adults with ADHD

/ April 1, 2014/ ADHD Information, Strategies

I was honored to be interviewed by Margarita Tartakovsky, Associate Editor of Psych Central for Margarita’s Psych Central blog at Cutting Down on Chronic Lateness for Adults with ADHD By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S., Associate Editor People with ADHD have a distorted sense of time. Sometimes, the passage of time is excruciatingly slow. “Waiting in line feels

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Make A Plan For the New Year

/ January 1, 2014/ Positivity and Well-being, Strategies

January 1st is a natural time to look at our lives and contemplate change.  2014 is a 365-page book with blank pages, ready to be written.    Unfortunately, it’s all too common to give up on our resolutions before we have given them a chance to become habits.  So how can we do things differently

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More Ways to Succeed with ADHD

/ September 20, 2013/ Resources, Strategies

I just received my copy of More Ways to Succeed with ADHD. I have to admit – it’s pretty exciting to see one’s name in print next to the strategies shared in the book. It’s also really interesting to read the strategies, tips and insights from the other ADHD coaches and experts who have contributed

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What Went Well – and Why?

/ July 1, 2013/ ADHD Awareness, Resources, Strategies

Here is a sneak peek at another one of Roxanne Fouché’s contributions to More Ways to Succeed with ADHD: Even More Strategies for 2013 from the World’s Best ADHD Coaches and Experts to Help You Succeed with ADHD: Many people find it difficult to focus on what is working vs. the things that are not

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