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Individual Coaching

Personal coaching is a powerful way to get going in life. Coaching can help you get more done, create better life balance, and leave behind much of your frustration and overwhelm. You can use a coach to help you get through an immediate problem, for spot improvement, or as a personal trainer for greater improvement over time. All that is necessary on your part for coaching to succeed is a sincere desire to change and a willingness to engage in the coaching process. Call us to get the help you want to propel you to the next level of personal and professional success.

Executive Coaching for Small Businesses

When you are your own boss, who do you turn to to help you stay on track? Who do you talk to when you need to think things through? How do you learn to leverage your strengths and outmaneuver your challenge areas? How do you avoid the common pitfalls? This is where coaching can make the difference. Executive coaching can improve problem solving, performance, relationships, and the bottom line.

Maintenance Coaching for Past Clients

For clients who have completed their weekly coaching, we offer a package of three sessions, one per month, with your personal coach. This continued access to your coach with regular “refresher” coaching sessions will help you keep your edge and ensure your continued progress.