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Parent Coaching

Our coaches know, both from personal and professional experience, that parenting children with ADHD, learning disabilities or other challenges is frustrating for everyone. Because these are “invisible” disabilities, recognizing the difference between the challenges and willful behavior can be tough. Our coaches work with you to help you better understand ADHD/LD and how it affects your child. They provide information, useful tools, and insightful support while coaching you to help your child overcome the challenges of living with ADHD/LD. Call today to get started helping your child succeed.

Family Consultations and School Support

Family services help parents set their children up for success in and out of school. Such assistance is as unique as the needs of the family and typically includes services such as:

  • Helping parents understand their child and how to address the challenges
  • Collaborating with the school and/or teachers
  • Assisting parents with IEP or 504 meetings
  • Helping parents set up systems and structures for the home
  • Helping families develop strategies for homework, morning and evening routines, transitions, etc.
  • Making referrals to related professionals and community organizations

Family consultations assist proactive parents as they give their children support for today’s success while encouraging the development of strategies for tomorrow’s independence.