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Presentations in San Diego have included:

  • ADD Executive Function Strategies
  • ADD Healthy Lifestyles
  • ADD Motivation
  • ADD Time Management
  • ADD Organization
  • ADD Stress Management
  • ADD Memory Strategies
  • ADHD Coaching for Students and Adults
  • ADHD-Friendly Goal Setting
  • Leveraging Your Strengths to Work Around Common ADHD Obstacles
  • Positive Strategies for Flourishing with ADHD
  • Setting Students Up for School Success
  • Teens Need Help, Too
  • The Many Faces of ADHD

Presentations at International Conferences and Telesummits have included:

  • The Magic of ADHD Coaching: Connect, Learn, Thrive
  • The Role of ADHD Coaching in Supporting Healthy Lifestyles: Taking Research into Practice
  • Measuring Progress: Developing an Informed ADHD Coaching Practice
  • The Power of Research to Transform Coaching
  • From Strengths Spotting to Strengths Building: A Toolkit for ADHD Coaches
  • ADD Happiness: Using Positive Psychology Tools and Strategies with ADHD Clients
  • Lead with Your Strengths for ADHD Success and Wellbeing


Roxanne regularly presents to a Monday night support group for adults with ADHD at Learning Development Services in San Diego. Feel free to contact us to arrange for any of the above presentations and/or for a personalized presentation for your group or meeting.